Innovation and Pioneering Spirit

It was back in 1994 when Frank Ratzlaff started to turn his innovative idea into reality; it was to provide health related knowledge management, and make structured, edited, medical know-how available to everybody, independent of time and location. Out of this idea MD Medicus was born.

At this point only a few people knew terms like demand, disease or case management. And even less saw the growing demand in the German health care system. Together with dedicated and innovative health funds, which put the service and the support of their members at the center of their efforts, Frank Ratzlaff built a revolutionary service network that could be used by policy holders and patients for any medical question.

There was another goal beside providing for instant and comprehensive consulting of policy holders and patients by medical professionals and doctors: MD Medicus wanted to play a major role in enabling compulsory and private health insurance companies to convert from Payer to Player and in this way support the wider health care system with efficiency and competence.

In the nearly 20 years of Company history, which was driven by a pioneering spirit and a permanent desire to optimize, MD Medicus has been able to establish many services and  to  continuously raise standards.

The health consulting service by phone has now become mandatory for compulsory and private health insurance companies.

Since MD Medicus never stops moving forward, we are permanently developing new premium services to be able provide a wider range of services at the highest quality level for each company, each health fund and each nursing service. No matter where someone needs medical consultation, even for chronic conditions, or assistance when traveling abroad – MD Medicus offers the right solution for everybody. To the list of services 

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  1. MD Medicus
  2. Health Counselling & Care Assistance
  3. In-Home Service Call & Telemedicine
  4. Care & Rehab Management
  5. Counselling Abroad
  6. Travel & Tropical Medicine
  7. Assistance for companies & abroad