MD Medicus Telemedizin GmbH

To be always a step ahead is quite challenging especially when it comes to
the area of telecommunication. MD Medicus Telemedizin uses a wide range of
telemetric products. Medical devices such as e.g. flow meter and blood
pressure meterreliably send their data back to our ServiceCenter to support
patients with potential risks at home. In-house emergency call systems
secure medical support at home.

Live video calls via an app allow patients with chronical deseases as well
as people in rural areas to receive face-to-face medical advise from a
doctor by simply pressing a button.


Headquarter Ludwigshafen

Headquarter Ludwigshafen
Industriestraße 2a
Ludwigshafen on the Rine 67063

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  3. In-Home Service Call & Telemedicine
  4. Care & Rehab Management
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